3D particles countdown


I am looking for a way to create a 3D countdown. Well i don’t really have the need for a 3D object but rather convert countdown digits into a SOP like polygons.

My idea is to create a SOP to attract particles in order to make an effect like particle characters (see links for some approaching ideas)

Is there a way to make something like this ?



I’d think about creating your clouds of number particles as SOPs then convert them to CHOPs and use the Blend CHOP to move between models. From there you can instance to get this effect.

someone shared this .toe some months ago. It’s not from me and i’m sad not to give the due credits for it’s awesomeness but it’s very close to what you want if you’re leaning towards something more ‘organic’. For better animation & control Matthew’s suggestion should work very well.
particles_attractor.toe (7.96 KB)

Hello !

Wonderful answers. I think i almost have what i need.

Two more questions though :

  • is there a way to generate a countdown ? i tried the Timer CHOP but i can’t find my way out…
  • i imagine i can use a video file of a countdown as a base starting form the .toe file you provided. But i think i need to split it in Hours, minutes and seconds and have every digits have its separate process for particles right ? If so should i use replication technique ?

thanks again

A million ways this could be done.
I’m sure there are better ways but here’s to get you started in finding a solution that’s working for you.

If you dont need the flexibility of having a live, generative, countdown, a video could very well do the job.

And maybe the particle system will behave better if each digit is isolated. You’ll have to try it and see :stuck_out_tongue:
countdown.1.toe (4.64 KB)


Thanks a lot for this.
Yes isolating each number would be better, hence my question about replicating


i finally managed to do it using replicators.
Works fine so far.

thanks a lot for all the good help you provided