3D render looks blurry on Mac

Hi everyone,
I hope you’re doing well. I’ve a very quick question: 3D doesn’t render well on TD on my Macbook (M1). It looks blurred like this :

… while it should looks sharp like this (capture from the tutorial). I do have a commercial license.

Here I used a PBR Mat with an Environnement Light, and a Substance TOP used on the PBR Mat.

I couln’t find the solution on TD Forum, can someone help with this?
Thanks in advance. Have a nice day!

Maybe post a file? Without seeing it though, one thought is the substance TOP’s global res may be coming in as a lower resolution by default. Most sbar’s that load in will have a resolution setting that gets loaded in the Input Values page that I’ve often found starts at 512x512… but post a file if that isn’t it so people can look.