3DConnexion support


I haven’t been able to use my SpacePilot 3D mouse in TD since viewer interaction support was implemented back in 2020. I’m guessing this is because my old hardware was only supported up to v10.4.10 of the 3DConnexion driver (current version is v10.8.3). Is there a minimal driver version requirement in TD?

Support for other software by vendors such as Autodesk comes through separate installers bundled with the 3DConnexion driver. I’ve been able to continue using my old hardware with recent versions of Autodesk products by installing only the vendor specific MSI installer after extracting it from the latest 3DConnexion installer while maintaining the old v10.4.10 driver. I’m wondering if there is something similar I could do to get TD working with my current 3D mouse…

Finally, is there any planned integration of 3DConnexion hardware at the network level in TD? I always find myself reaching for my 3D mouse when I need to move around in the network which is immediately followed by a little disappointement :wink:


Sorry to hear the 3d mouse support isn’t working for you. We’re actually still using an older version of their SDK, but we didn’t realize that it wasn’t compatible with some hardware. Looking at the documentation now it says that version 17.5.x of the 3DxWinWare driver is required and I think that might correspond to 3dxware v10.5 (their versioning is very confusing) which i guess is newer than you have.

Unfortunately, our 3dconnexion support is baked directly into TouchDesigner so it’s not possible to swap it out for an older version.

Out of curiosity, does your mouse not work at all if you install newer drivers?

As far as network navigation, I agree that would work really well with the 3d mouse and it’s been on my wish list for awhile. Hopefully when I can find some time I might be able to add it.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I first tried my 3D mouse (original SpacePilot) with a more recent version and it didn’t work at all. I then found this KB article which clearly states that mine topped at v10.4.10.

I’d be happy to help in any way when you decide to integrate the 3d mouse network navigation.


oh yes @robmc I would love 3d mouse network navigation!

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I’m kind of surprised that they’d cut off older devices that completely. I’ll message 3Dconnexion to see if there’s anything we can do.