6 NDI sources TD quits

Hi friends,

Am using 6 NDI source at 1280x720 and one NDI out at 1920x1090, plus am using audio nodes to get sound from NDI sources and one Blackmagic input and One Blackmagic output sending out the composited NDI sources (on separate cards). The problem is that TD just quits (no crash, just its there and then its gone) suddenly sometimes, there is no pattern to it, some times it just quits very often and other times its stable for hours. No crash logs generated. Any one faced similar issue? any insights to troubleshooting this will be very helpful. The fps remains stable at 50 fps all the time.
Have checked resources, CPU, Memory and GPU utilization are all under 50%.
Thanks in advance.

OS:Windows 10
TD: 2020.28110 (commercial)
Graphics card: Nvidia 1070

Can you follow the steps in this article to create a .dmp file from this crash? This will hopefully give us the information we need to diagnose this

Thanks Malcolm, will do this.