6 Projector Setup from a Single Machine

I’m working on a quote for a permanent installation which I’m thinking to set up on a single PC using TD with a 4-output NVidia Card + Datapath FX4. It needs to run 6 HD projectors blended together. Curious if there are any suggestions for alternative hardware, or predictions on what troubles I may run into with my proposed setup.

Little late response, but:

FX-4s (and the cheaper alternative AJA HA5-4K), are great for this as long as your outputs are only 1080. For the most part you’ll just want to comp the four Datapath run projectors into a single 4k raster (each quadrant will be output) as the last step before output.

I’ve used this setup for 12 projector outputs with great success (3x 4k rasters running to three HA5-4K splitters). The advantage here is that you don’t run into the gremlins of multi-gpu systems. I’ve successfully run 7 projectors out of a dual P4000 box before but it is far from the most efficient way of doing things.

Thanks for the info, very helpful. I was looking at the HA-5s as an option also, nice to know they’d work as I imagined