7 Screens(1920*600) with 45º rotation from single GPU


I’m trying to build a setup to feed a videowall with 7 screens from a single GPU(Quad P620 V2)

My first aproach was to connect 3 screens directly to GPU and 4 screens to a hubMST (mDP to 4x DP Multi Monitor Adapter/MST - DisplayPort & Mini DisplayPort Adapters | StarTech.com Sweden) but i only achieve to feed 4 screens. The other 3 apears connected on Windows but without resolution and unavailable.

Maybe it’s GPU max screens suported limitation, i thought the hubMST was seen by the GPU as a single screen but it’s not after all :confused:

Maybe using a QuadHead2Go it may works, is the QuadHead2Go seen by the GPU as a single out/screen?

Any advices for this setup?


not all MSTs are created equal, some eat up two nvidia displays. I’d look into video wall controllers, an AJA box, or the “pro” solution, a datapath


You should use these: https://www.datapath.co.uk/datapath-products/video-wall-controllers/datapath-fx4/

I would suggest staying away from the QuadHead2Go. Some people like them but I’ve had many bad experiences with them in the past.

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Thanks for the input’s, will look on the video wall controllers and the rest of the solutions.

With the solution using the FX4 can we define the input/output resolution?
If i feed the FX4 from TD with 3840x1200. in the outs can i get 1920x600(resolution of the screens)?

Was reading the docs from fx4 and cant find this kinda info about resolutions suported :confused:
@matthewwachter @drmbt anyone with experience with FX4, cant we get 1920x600 in the outputs.

Another solution using a NVS810 (https://www.pny.com/nvidia-nvs-810-for-8-dp-displays) if i can find this product still in sales.

Thanks will keep digging

Yeah I think you can. We’ve done some pretty strange resolutions coming out of those units. I think it will let you capture the EDID and even edit it if you desire.

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I have done something with 2x 1080tis and an SLI although I don’t think the SLI is really needed. Might be cheaper than a data path at this point.

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