8K Input - BMD 8K Pro

Hey all, I’m trying to capture an 8K input via TouchDesigner and currently when the the video device in top is added, if I look at it or record the output to an image or file, there is stair step aliasing. BMD is set to Quadlink 2SI but I am unsure as to why the input is not being captured correctly in TD. I’ve also tried using a single link 4K and I still see this issue. I see this on the final output as well when all is said and done. What’s interesting though, is if I set the viewer to Mipmap pixels, it looks correct. It’s leading me to believe there is an issue with settings in relation to the input specifically in TouchDesigner in how it recognizes the capture device and it’s data. I also see the ability to turn Quad Link on/off in the video in top, however, I cannot do that with a BMD device it looks like.

I’m pretty sure it’s an issue with with not recognizing the quadlink but I’m not too sure yet.

Has anyone seen this issue before of know of a quick solve to it? I’ll probably keep tweaking around but I may try switching out the card for an AJA as when you add an AJA card, you have the ability to say it is Quad Link, but with BMD you don’t.

Appreciate the help here if anyone has any insight!

Right, the solution for the Blackmagic is through it’s control panel for those parameters, instead of through the node. So you setup your card so it’s a single device using SDI connectors 1-4, and set it to use ‘Quad LInk’ in that dialog instead. From there TD doesn’t know how many connectors you are using or what the format is, it’s just getting from the device a bit more blindly than with AJA.

Are you able to save an image of the current captured incorrect input, and the expected input, so I can see the issues visually?
There’s a few issues with quad-link 8k on AJA I’m still working on right now, so it may not be better currently.