A couple of mesh tricks for pointclouds

Hi there TD communinty.
The above tutorial shows a couple of handy techniques i picked up working with point files.
For the tutorial you need: Touchdesigner, Blender (2.9+) and Meshlab.
Both are completely free.

The tutorial has roughly 3 parts
part 1 shows an easy way to blend point files created from sops in touchdesinger
part 2 shows how to optimize meshes using blender and meshlab
part 3 shows how to create point files with exact vertex count and how to handle color.

again, there is some music running in the background. if you don´t like it mute it.
if you like it you may buy it here: LCSM-earthbound


You can use the DIvide SOP to make your text Optimize - directly in TouchDesigner

true, but it has its downsides as well and you don´t have control over the vertex count
if you use triangulation for your mesh-text you have the the same crossing lines in your mesh; with closed polygons, extrude does not work.
if you use text–>divide–>extrude, something weird happens to the holes in your text.
if you use text–>extrude–>divide, the extruded sides of your text dont get “bricked”