A slideshow triggered by a drum track

I’m extremely frustrated with this project. I’ve been trying to make a video where slides advance by the drum hit of a song. my previous approach to this was in Premiere pro. I was using an isolated drum track to have a clean waveform and I placed down about 650 markers manually. Although now the markers are mismatched and I’m not going to bother going through that process again. I was wondering how would I go about using a database of 650 images in a specific order that would change based on the drum isolation track as a trigger.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Sounds like the Movie File In TOP can handle most of this.
If you go to Help → Operator Snippets → TOP → Movie File In → index,
It will get you started on advancing slides with an index. If your slides are all in a folder, you can point the Movie File In TOP to that folder, which will treat the files as a sequential slideshow.

Then maybe look at the Count CHOP (still in the Operator Snippets) for an example of how to advance the index by one every time a drum hit occurs.