A/V setup with TD, pyramid and deluge

Hi TD community.

I recently made this AV live setup with a pyramid midi controller, a deluge groovebox and touchdesigner.
Everything is triggerd via the pyramid using midi.

My mappings for the controller:
three tracks on the pyramid for synths(1-3) each triggering 2 synths simultaneously on the deluge. these also have cv info send to the envelopes and delay.
track 5-8 is the rhytm section (claps, hats, snares, kicks)
track 11 is a vocal sample (its bill hicks mock-singing rick astley)
track 12 is the 3D camera
track 14 are amen shreds
track 15 are amen samples

each track has a couple different patterns and the rest is just me jamming with the

if anyone is interested in this kind of setup, i will make another video that shows what is going on in touchdesigner
& if you like the sound or wanna support me doing this you can grab it over here:

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