Ableton connecting to TD

Hi there, I’m trying to connect Ableton Live 10 with TD. I’m just starting with TD (still working with the non-commercial license, till I figure out how to use it), while I have some experience with Ableton. I watched a tutorial (video), but I couldn’t even find the “midi remote scripts” folder, in order to install it in my Ableton Max library. Also, I do not get this very basic step: 1. Drag the tdAbletonPackage component into your project from Palette>TDAbleton>Live . When I drug the tdAbletonPackage into a project it says: no Ableton Live connection. Terminology is still a challenge for me, so I’d appreciate it if you could give me some super simple and clear directions on how to connect these two. Could you please help? thanks

I work on
MacBook Pro Ventura 13.0.1
Ableton 10.1.43

Hi Labi,

if you right click on the Touchdesigner App and choose “Show package contents” you can find the Remote Scripts in /Contents/Resources/tfs/Samples/TDAbleton/Live 9&10/Touchdesigner

If you drag this folder in your Ableton Project it should work. There´s also a Demo project in the same folder where you can try out if everything works.

Good help for debugging is by opening the textport in TD and looking for py error logs.

Hi jacobb and thanks for helping me. I did as you guided me and I found and dragged TouchDesigner folder in Ableton “add folder” places.

Now, how can I connect Ableton with Touch Designer and see things moving in TD, while I’m jamming on Ableton. This is exactly what I’m looking to achieve here. thank you!

You have to drag the TDA_Master component in your master section in Live, then it should connect. You can find all great examples and guidelines here: TDAbleton | Derivative

Great! thanks