Ableton Live 11 on Mac OS

I’am having a problem with connecting TouchdeDesigner (education version) and Ableton Live 11 Standerd (education version). I’m using both programs on Mac OS not Window. It has succeeded recognizing the tdAbleton Beta as a control surface.

But I tried to put TDA_master.amxd on master track and showing this error popup message ‘This device is not available in this version of Live’

I was thinking if TDAbleton plugin doesn’t support yet for Ableton Live 11 Mac version or Ableton Live 11 Standerd (education version). My Mac running Catalina 10.15. 7 and TouchdeDesigner running build 2021.11180

I think this must be because of your education version. Are you able to use other custom built devices?

I think not because of Ableton education version because I’ve tried also Ableton 11 trial version on Mac. But I was same issue as same popup message. And I haven’t tried it on Windows yet because I don’t have Windows device.

TDableton doesn’t work Ableton live 11 education version??

It requires Max Devices, which I think is what that message means. Can you use other custom Max For Live devices?

Sorry I do not know what is Max Devices. Can you explain about this if you don’t mind.
I’m using only TouchDesginer, Ableton 11 and VDMX5 for live.
Thank you for responding.

I cannot answer for Live 11 but I can confirm that with TD education, TDAbleton works perfectly with Live 10

TDAbleton requires Max For Live. Here is the Ableton Live page that explains how to get it: Activating Max for Live with a Live Standard license – Ableton

Do you know how to downgrade from Ableton 11 to 10? If it’s possible, I will install Ableton 10 instead of 11

You might be able to download 10 if you bought a license for 11.

Again though, you must have Max For Live to use TDAbleton, and your error message indicates that you don’t.

Thank you. I will try to do it. And I will leave a comment the result later.

Hello, with my knowledge, you dont need to own Cycling74 Ableton Max/Msp licence or a Studio licence of Live to use TDAbleton or any Max4Live plug-in. You need it to create or edit a Max4Live plug. With the standard Ableton Licence, you can use it without problems. I have the Standard Live 10 licence on two machine but the max/Msp licence only on one machine and TDAbleton works on both.
To be frank I doesnt use TDAbleton very often, I normaly prefer to use home made Max4Live plugs (mainly enveloppe to OSC) transmitting only the useful information from Live to TD.

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According to Ableton web site, Max For Live only be included in Live Suite. They said Live Standard must buy Max for Live as USD 199 in order use it.

So in my understanding, TDAbleton also should not work in Live 10 Standard because Live 10 Standard doesn’t include Max For Live too. Am I correct in understanding?
And I’ve installed Live Suite 11 Trial and TDAbleton works perfectly with this.

Thank you. Do you know where I can find Max4Live plug information? because I don’t have any knowledge Ableton plug-in. Sorry for this.

Yes, you always need Max For Live to use TDAbleton, no matter which version of Ableton Live.

I confirm that you doesn’t need the studio version to use TD Ableton.
I have a Mac with non-commercial TD and standard Ableton live without any autorised Max/msp software and it works perfectly with TDableton.
You need the Studio version or the Max/Msp licence if you want to edit a Mx4Live plug, not to use it. It works the same between Education TD and Standard Ableton.

This is very strange. What could be the problem, I wonder

You can use Ableton Suite, Standard, and Trial with TDAbleton for sure - this is tested. Ableton Intro and Lite do not work. There is some confusion about Max4Live above, and while a license is not included to open/edit Max4Live patches in Standard and Trial, they will run them and therefore TDAbleton will work fine. However in Intro and Lite will not run them from my experience.

You can install just the Trial and get it working before worrying about buying Live.

*Edit note: Intro might have been updated in Live 11 to include support - I can not test this howver.

You mean TDableton should work fine with Ableton standard without Max4Live patches? But it doesn’t really work with my standard version. And I’ve installed Suite Trial in my mac. TDableton works perfectly with this.

So I I thought it doesn’t work with my Ableton standard because it doesn’t have Max4Live in standard.

And thank you so much for responding.

Yeah I have Standard and works for me in Live 10 and Live 11. I don’t know if I installed something else as Ive had Live for so many year on the same system now.