Ableton to TD connection

Simple Question .
Do I need OSCTouch or similar app to connect Ableton to TD from another computer.?
I know that they need to be connected via ad-hoc.
If there is somebody that knows the solution,please help.

No, you don’t need that. There is a complete TouchDesigner to Ableton environment available in the Palette of TouchDesigner. You can learn about how to use it and what it does here:

You will need Live Trial, Standard, or Suite to use it. Ableton Live Lite or Live Intro will not work.

HI! Thanks for quick response. So like I wrote, I have two computers and
they connected via wi-fi. If all the ports and adress are matching it schould work fine.

Hi there, I’m trying to solve my issue and came across this conversation. I’m just starting with TD (still working with the non-commercial license), while I have some experience with Ableton. I watched a tutorial (video), but I couldn’t find the “midi remote scripts” folder. Also, I do not get this very basic step: 1. Drag the tdAbletonPackage component into your project from Palette>TDAbleton>Live . When I drug the tdAbletonPackage into a project it says: no Ableton Live connection. Terminology is still a challenge for me, so I’d appreciate it if you could give me some super simple and clear directions. Could you please help? thanks

I work on
MacBook Pro Ventura 13.0.1
Ableton 10.1.43