about eventual mac version / what strategy?

Good to know what the issue is… .thanks Malcolm.

As a longtime mac user and windows avoider- I gotta say Windows 7 is pretty great. I bought my first rack PC and am sold on the whole platform. Macs are great and I thought I’d never go down any other route. But its just not worth it to keep up the mac banner anymore, especially with my interests in Touch.

things to consider:

Apple will probably discontinue selling their expensive, relatively lethargic towers and just do laptops and small devices.

If things do move to ‘the cloud’ you can probably bet well the servers wont be mac-based. If you are working up a high-power multi-server setup in Touch you will probably be VNC’ing into your personal servers, which will be PCs

And don’t even get me started on the hardware cost comparisons…

really- I have been a mac evangelist my whole career- but this is a turning point for me …
Jus thought I’d throw that out.

I do really wish for mac version.

I think users have too limited platform choice currently.

More stable driver, 0.1 openGL support difference, CUDA, all of these should be additional nice benefits when users have windows with nvidia, not justification why it only supports the limited platform.

I understand it requires more resources to support another platform, but I think it would broaden user base significantly when it does, especially in this creative industry.

By the way, my windows 7 machine still become frozen frequently. I will throw it away when TD can run on mac.

Unfortunately the difference between OpenGL 3.2 and 3.3 is quite major, with some key features (in particular in GLSL) needed to support the new way GLSL shaders are written in TouchDesigner.

Maybe you should consider doing a reinstall of windows obviously you’ve got some piece of software or a driver causing your crashes.

As far as I’ve seen windows 7 is one of the most solid operating systems going. I’m not just saying that because we have a Windows 7 machine. In our studio we have 4 macs and and about 4 running pc’s and honestly I couldn’t say we’ve ever had less problems with Mac’s. Actually our Macpro’s mobo completely died and had to be replaced within the first 6 months of getting the machine. If it wasn’t for the expectation of our client’s to be recording on a Mac on Protool’s we would have neither. You can get much more bang for your buck when you don’t buy Mac.

We just got a new Macbook pro a couple of months ago to run Ableton for live performance, we decided to go with Mac because we thought it might be more stable for Ableton. We’ll within a couple of days of running Ableton and Reactor, Ableton’s UI started freezing! I wouldn’t say it’s Apple’s fault actually I think it was a Native Instrument’s issue but honestly we could have saved about $2000 if we bought a PC and I’m sure it would have worked fine.

I’ll add that indeed I’ve found Win 7 to be rock solid and in particular I’ve ran long shows with Touch Designer and never had a crash or even slight glitch.

I’ll also say that I know a few people involved in long term Apple strategy and they’ve confirmed that Apple is phasing out desktop and moving to only portable devices.


I Bootcamp my Mac in order to run TD (well, and to play Games…) and I have no problems with Win7… been really stable, I actually get 5-8 fps better performance on the same Graphics card when I run Processing or Open Frameworks sketches, because of better Graphics Drivers… don’t get me wrong, I love the Mac OS, and most PC’s are fucking ugly, but I’m happy with having the ability to have two choices (well, three, I have a Linux install as well…)

(disclaimer: written from a mac)

(Also, pretty sure there’s an IBM Thinkpad in that picture as well…)

I don’t really have any problems with Mac, but that picture is almost disturbing! If I was in that class I would buy a pc just so I wouldn’t be another brick in that wall.

I’ve had no luck trying to run TD on bootcamped OSX.

I have a monster machine-
2.26ghz 6 core Xeon
Windows 7 64bit Boot disc
ATI Radeon HD 5770

I’ve installed and tried running both the official build 16900 and experimental build 17400 for FTE 007. Every time I try to launch the application, I get a “Touch Designer Stopped Working” error before anything opens.

I realize the graphics card is the root of TD. I have updated the driver from the ATI site as well as used windows to run it’s own updates. I’ve tried both driver options on both TD builds.

Can anyone offer me any kind of direction? I’d love to dive into TD asap. Thanks.

Have you installed the latest version of the bootcamp drivers?

I read mountain lion will support OpenGL 4.2, if thats true can we see TD eventually running on a OSX?

My vote is that the community stops making OSX requests from Derivative, porting such an app tuned for realtime performance will distract our benefactors from working on new features and mire them in fixing what does/doesn’t work on whichever OS. Anyone who is serious about using Touch in production has isolated, separate systems built and tuned for that singular purpose. They are then free to have an apple system for their music apps that don’t work on windows (if there are any left that do not-)
It is no secret that apple moves away from less profitable content creators, and the fact that the systems are generation behind is the proof in the pudding. If you need proof that FCP will not become some uber app, look at how much they improved Shake. I am very surprised that Smoke is mac only, and surely that will not last much longer.
The OS was great once, but I have more issues with the 10 macs that we have in the office than the other 50 PC’s combined.
I’ll stop my rant now, thank you for listening.

I agree with Mattd on this issue (on everything, actually).

I’ll second that for sure. Windows boots up about 2x faster than OSX on my macbook pro. I’ll probably never buy a mac again.

I also agree. I bought my first pc only recently. Win7 is great, even better than osx in certain regards(unistalls, for example).

5 reasons apple is losing me:

Lack of tower development
Lack of open hardware config/build/customization
slow cpu product cycle
They are now becoming ‘The Evil Empire’

For me, the places where Windows still lags behind (well, unless win8 has some magic thing for me) are getting video and audio between programs. Siphon is becoming a standard for video between applications and uses GPU shared memory, I think. Macs have a native audio pipe between applications but I gather that most people use Jack, rewire etc. because they are a bit faster.

It would be cool if there was a standard way to move video between programs. I’m so jealous of Siphon on the mac. which seems to just work.

maybe Derivative could promote their TouchIN/OUT code as a provisional standard for others to pick up and use in their software? :slight_smile:


I used syphon a few times before moving over to W7 and it definitely is something to be jealous of. It’s awesome, works easily, and the hit on the machine isn’t the worst thing ever. I read somewhere that we may be close with some DirectX stuff, but I didn’t look further into it.

The recent iOS6 maps debacle confirms the move to W7. I’m also having a love affair with MS One Note and Outlook!

yes OneNote was definitely my favourite when I used a tablet PC a lot. A feature in an early version (2003) that I loved was being able to run a pen down a row of tabs and it would be like flicking thorugh a book - especially good for searching thorugh sketches and drawings. now it just tries to move the tab to where you ‘drag’ it much less fun. :slight_smile:

Hello, I am just adding to this post to also say I’d love for a mac version of this to be ported. Thanks