about eventual mac version / what strategy?

I used syphon a few times before moving over to W7 and it definitely is something to be jealous of. It’s awesome, works easily, and the hit on the machine isn’t the worst thing ever. I read somewhere that we may be close with some DirectX stuff, but I didn’t look further into it.

The recent iOS6 maps debacle confirms the move to W7. I’m also having a love affair with MS One Note and Outlook!

yes OneNote was definitely my favourite when I used a tablet PC a lot. A feature in an early version (2003) that I loved was being able to run a pen down a row of tabs and it would be like flicking thorugh a book - especially good for searching thorugh sketches and drawings. now it just tries to move the tab to where you ‘drag’ it much less fun. :slight_smile:

Hello, I am just adding to this post to also say I’d love for a mac version of this to be ported. Thanks


I’d love to see touch designer running on the new Mac Pro with dual FirePro GPUs and support for OpenGL 4.1.

AGREED with sahten!!

TD is the main reason I’m not buying a Mac.

The new mac pro- does anybody remember The Cube? Form should follow function . I’m going to guess that beeffy gpu cards wont fit. And it will be expensive, awkward to ‘deploy’, and the promise of upgradeability will be the usual box canyon. I’m more interested in Linux support.

Me to … urgently. I do not know why this guys loves the game-louder so much.

Yeah, the Mac Pro is not designed to be upgradable, that’s where they are going with their computers, laptops, phones, everything designs. Too bad its AMD in my opinion.

However, the form does look like it was designed around the function of a) smallest size possible, b) most efficient cooling possible and still quiet.

What is interesting is that you can fit about 3 of these inside a typical PC workstation case. Think about that for a second, you could make one crazy travelling road-case with them!

I actually put a mac mini inside my case- at the same time as my pc !
It worked but got pretty hot in there. I was running Ableton Live on the mini, until I found that my 4core pc could run both programs just fine

Haha, amazing! Stuff the computer inside the other computer, love it.

Hi there, just wondered whether the new Mavericks OGL 4+ support might mean an OSX port is feasible.

I appreciate the distraction this sort of post must be for the happy Windows TD users but, I’m very excited to get my hands on TD and thought it was worth asking before I pay out for a new Windows machine just for it!

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

What Mac do you have? Most of the recent Macs that have a dedicated graphics card in them can run TouchDesigner if you use Bootcamp to install Windows.

Am I correct in assuming that none of the new mac book pro models will run TD? Except for the top of the line with the GeForce 750 dedicated cards? All the rest have inbuilt Iris Intel graphics.

Thanks for your time,


I dont know 100% about the Iris, but I would guess that you’re correct and that only the top end Retina’s will work with TouchDesigner.

Yes, that’s right, at this time you’d need to get one of the BTO options with the Geforce 750M.

Apple’s forthcoming OS X 10.9 “Mavericks” release finally bring OpenGL 4.0 support to Apple hardware…

apple.com/ca/mac-pro/ … Supa dupa stuf starting at $4,000…

And it seems really portable!!!

So I guess this thread’s concerns might have been back in the works for a little while now?

Or should I figure out how to install win 8 on this little Can 'o Bliss?


taking another look at upcoming mac pro… wow that is pricey.
and the video card is AMD- should work, but who knows ?- probably not realistically upgradeable - I dont really see the advantage of this form factor outside of the high-end office. It’s a nice sculpture I guess.

Its nice to see Apple catching up to openGL 4, but we haven’t made any new plans for OSX at this time. So yes, bootcamped-Windows is still the approach if you have Apple hardware. We don’t have much testing data from AMD FirePro cards, hopefully they perform decently.