About Replicator COMP processing

I am a touchdesigner’s beginner.
I am creating an archive system that can list images.
The system is constructed by mapping the button geometry to an instance.
The map to be mapped is read from the outside by CSV list and 300 copies are generated by Replicator COMP.
I’d like to change the 300 sheets that are sorted and displayed in the CSV list with a single button, but the replicator process takes time and the system stops for about 10 seconds.

Can you change the waiting time to at least 3-5s?
Or will the system not stop and be able to process behind the program?

Sorry for the confusing question.

The replicator is going to take some time with so many replicants. I have a suspicion that there is likely a more efficient way of doing this without the replicator, but I’m having a little trouble following what you’re after. Can you post your .toe?

Thank you for your reply.

Since the image file cannot be attached, only the toe file is attached. I made this site with reference to Matthew Ragan’s tutorial (Image Selector – Instance Method) on this site. Eventually we aim for an interactive exhibition by swiping and zooming.
forum190822.toe (12.7 KB)