About stype camera tracking

About stype camera tracking
I want to receive stype data with touch designer and send it to UE4 or notch.
What is the best method?
Also, I would be happy if there was a diagram showing how to assemble the nodes.
(The touch designer knows only basic operations and is a beginner.)

Getting Stype data into TouchDesigner is pretty straightforward using the Stype CHOP. You just need to set it to the correct network port that Stype is sending to. The ‘connected’ channel will change to ‘1’ when it is receiving data.

I’m not as familiar with UE4 or notch, but the OSC Out CHOP is one of the more common methods of getting data from TouchDesigner into other external programs. We’ve also got an Unreal plugin coming out shortly that will let you embed a TouchDesigner project directly inside of Unreal or you can embed a Notch block directly in touch.

Rob, thx for your answer.
I’m looking forward to the release of the Unreal plugin.