About the new forum header

Hi everyone,
I’d like to introduce the new forum header and explain a few of the changes.

We’ve had a number of bugs in the old header for a while now (as a few of you have reported but I think most of you just learned to live with). The previous customization was also a maintenance issue every time we updated the forum or applied security updates, making these routines more costly than they should be and eating away our time on other tasks.

We decided to change the forum header back to something based directly on Discourse’s default header system, solving all the above issues and also offering a nicer UX in some ways as well. If you are a part of other community’s Discourse forums, I’m sure you are familiar with this UI. For those who haven’t seen it before, let me introduce it with a brief walkthrough.

First, you will notice that if you used the ‘Dark’ theme previously, you will need to reset this setting now. When rolling out these two new themes all accounts were reset to ‘Light’. A reminder that this setting is under your Avatar-Profile > Preferences > Interface > Theme.

On the far right, you will find the familiar 3 icons for a) search, b) forum quick navigation and c) avatar with profile specific info such as your notifications, bookmarks, direct messages, and preferences.

On the left now you will see the ‘TouchDesigner by Derivative’ logo. This will always take you to forum-home.

This left logo area is now dynamic and when scrolling down through a topic it will change to the Derivative icon and the title of the topic. In this state, the Derivative logo is still forum-home and the title now acts as a quick-jump to the top of the topic.

Finally, since the mainnav from derivative.ca is no longer present, there is a ‘Return to derivative.ca’ link always at the top for when you want to go back to our main website.

That’s it, simple and straightforward, take it for a spin! Thanks for putting up with some of the previous bugs for so long. If you find any new issues introduced, please let us know.


Looks and works great so far! Thank you.