About upside down installed kinect2

I’m creating content with Kinect 2, and I have a question that I’d like to ask.

If you install the Kinect upside down, it won’t be able to find people.

If you know a way to catch people even if you install the Kinect upside down, would you please let me know?

Thats not possible for the skeleton engine to recognize people when upside down.
With depth map or point cloud, you can reverse image but the skeleton engine is inside kinect.
But I doesn’t understand why you need to use it upside down?

Thank for your reply.
Since the installation locations were different, I turned the Kinect2 over and it did not recognize the skeleton. So I asked.

For what it’s worth, the Kinect Azure has an orientation parameter that allows you to position the camera upside down and have it still detect people, but I don’t think the older devices support that.