About zoom and focus of freeD (ptz camera)

When using Notch block, where should the zoom and focus values of freeD (ptz camera) be connected to the camera comp?

Currently, they are connected as follows.
Connect Translate and Rotate from freeD to camera comp,
I’m assigning a notch block camera to the camera comp.

Thank you.

You can’t use the FreeD zoom and focus data directly into notch. The data is just the encoder values from the lens, these need to be translated to a lens file which contains the field of view, distortions etc for the lens. These can then be used to define the values for the fov in notch, and the distortion values in the lens deform TOP.

Currently there’s no simple way in touch to do this though I believe it’s on their radar.

You can hack this together by setting up your camera looking at a wall, measure and calculate the fov for a certain zoom encoder value, do this across the full range of zoom, then interpolate between the values to get an FOV for the camera object to pipe into notch.

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Thank you for your advice.
I connected the FOV calculation from the zoom value to the camera chop using expression and function.

Next, I’ll use Lens Distort to make adjustments.

Many thanks,