Abstract dance w/kinect

Kinect CHOP + noise for point normals => emit particles. Using P[0-2] and life(1) as source for GEO instancing.

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I’m trying to replicate what you’ve done and I got as far as instancing the geometry from the kinect CHOP, but I’m curious about two things:

1.) How do you get decreasing scale as points move further from the skeleton?
2.) How do you change direction of point normals?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

  1. Actually what happening is particle’s scale decrease during its lifetime. But usually particles moves away from skeleton, so particle size correlate with distance to skeleton. Feed Particle SOP into two different SOPto CHOPs:
    sopto1: scope “life” attribute rename it to “l1 l2” (or smth else) and use Math CHOP to subctract one from another
    sopto2: scope “P” and rename to “tx ty tz”
    merge these CHOPs and use for GEO instancing

  2. Noise SOP with attribute “Point normals”

One more tip: use Kinect CHOP and combination of Select CHOPs and CHOPto SOPs to make SOP skeleton (you can use points or lines).

Awesome! thank you so much for this! That’s much easier than what I was trying to do.

By the way, it is possible to access multiple attributes with a single SOP to CHOP (and probably saves a little CPU time)

I usually divide particle age by particle lifetime (rather than subtract) and use that “lifeFraction” as the lookup index for what I call a “lifeCurve”

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Nice idea. Thank you

And couple more abstract dances:

Kinect point cloud + Noise TOP - TOP to CHOP - Instancing (yes, I know that GLSL would be much more effeciant, but my GLSL knowledge = 0)

Kinect CHOP - Trail - Instancing

Hello good day, I have a kinect v2, but I still can not do that effect, I could share your project please thank you!

your sir are a beast

I want to learn this. Will you give a tutorial

I want a tutorial too