Accessing pCaptData in Vertex Shader?


I’m writing my own skinning (with heavy help from David Braun’s boids example). This is so I can instance an FBX mesh and deform them individually (as opposed to replicating).

Everything else seems to be fine, I just need to build the BindPose mat4.

Do I define pCaptData like this?

in float pCaptData0[80];

or this?

in vec4 pCaptData0[20];

My SOP shows these attributes…

Right now I’m getting the following error:
0(16) : error C5041: cannot locate suitable resource to bind variable "pCaptData0". Possibly large array.

Any help greatly appreciated!


P.S. I’m aware of, and have been following, the houdini docs and the td skinning docs :slight_smile:

P.P.S. I assume somewhere along the line I’m not understanding point vs. vertex vs. detail attributes :grimacing:

That information isn’t available in the shaders directly (no details attributes are). The information in it is used to build up the bone matrices you can get in the shader via TDBoneMat() though.

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Cheers @malcolm I’d just become suspicous this was the case so grabbed the values via to the SOPtoDAT and converted them to a CHOP, then fed them to my shader.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll mark this as solved :smiley:

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