Accumulate Values CHOP

Sorry for this too probably easy question - what would be a good way to accumulate values (positive and negative) of a CHOP over an infinite time?

The trail CHOP is one way to do this. If you check the grow length parameter you’ll get a buffer that keeps expanding as long as the trail CHOP is active.

The caution I’d offer here is that it’s not “infinite” eventually you’ll max out on memory and crash. Another option would be to write samples to disk - with this approach you’ll be able to write to memory for longer… but again, you’ll eventually hit a storage limit. The file out CHOP will allow you to do this, and to set the interval at which you append new information to your file - allowing you to write every frame if you choose.

Thank you, but I think my description misleading:

I just want to accumulate a single value over time - I have a OSC signal (between -1 and 1) and want to accumulate its changes over time into one value - more like a feedback. But to my understanding it is not the feedback CHOP… Thanks again!

In that case, have a look at the Speed CHOP:

There should be examples in the OP Snippets as well.


Ah, nice, thank you very much… didn’t expect this behavior by it’s name!