Achieving glitch free audio even when there's frame dropping

I usually use TD for video and MAX/MSP for audio, but sometimes I want to do everything in TD.
Moreover, I saw Derivative has recently implemented VST into it, so TD’s audio capability is becoming more and more important, at least to me.

Is it possible to achieve glitch-free audio even when there’s frame dropping in TD? I guess it needs a dedicated audio thread, but I don’t know if TD has a separated audio thread or not. I just want some oscillators and VSTs going on without lagging or glitching, even when there’s some frame drop and/or glitch. Or is it possible to always prioritize audio CHOPs over TOPs and SOPs?

Please give me some insights if you know anything related to this.

There is no dedicated audio thread but you can create one using the Engine COMP.

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ah, this might be the solution. I’ll try thanks!

There’s an example of an audio setup in the Engine COMP in the OP Snippets.

One nice feature we have made use of is the native support in TD now for Ableton Live - have you explored that? The other thing we have had great success with is the Dante Virtual Soundcard with TD driving this. We did this recently for a 7.1 system on a project without any glitches from TD.