Action shortcuts for the CTRL_Panel (Touchplayer/designer)

We have the following setup:

  • A beamer that plays a .toe file via touch player and shows a small presentation with it
  • the application Tagtool, which is brought onto the screen with the mouse if required.

For switching we use the panel, which you can see in the picture.

Is there an option in the touchdesigner/player to use a keyboard shortcut for this? So one shortcut for “Show Mode” and the other for “Tagtool”? The aim is to be able to switch between the two modes with a remote control. Is there already a solution for this?

Many greetings

Hello @devito,

I would recommend scripting the switching between the 2 modes useing a Keyboard In DAT. It allows for specifying Keyboard Shortcuts and with it’s callbacks allows for extensive control over what should happen.


Hello @snaut ,

thank you very much for your quick answer!

Many greetings