Active/Current page of parameter comp as a Chop value

I’m not sure if there is another way to do this, but I would like to see the page presently active in a parameterCOMP shown somewhere as a chop value. Something like the info CHOP would be handy! This would be a quick an easy trigger to change UI or helper buddy along with each page of the parameters

I can tell it is registering the current page somewhere in the system because when you toggle on and off the built-in pages, the current active page’s numerical position stays the same.

Perhaps if you did implement this into the Infochop, there could be 2 values, one that gave a total pages number, like in the attached image, and another one that gave the value of the custom pages only, so the attached images value would change from 7 to 0!


Using a parameter CHOP, turn on builtin and look for the value named ‘stdswitcher1’
That reflects the current page.
Expression equivalent would be:

Unfortunately it doesn’t update when you select other pages, without force cooking the OPs referring to it.
This was because we didn’t want changing that parameter causing unnecessary cooks.

Can I ask why you need that value?

Thanks for the tip about force cooking stdswitcher1 I’ll see what I can rig up wit that in mind.

Regarding what I’m up to since you asked, it’s pretty straightforward but:

Scenario is full screen top level perform UI, with a Parameter comp that can be toggled on. Par comp comes with Custom pages only that is used as Master UI for entire project. (Control Surface in perform, including the toggle Parameter comp to open and close, is an Android phablet, although keyboard and mouse are needed in the Parameter comp.)

I had planned on putting informative text snippets and instructions unique to each page as backgrounds, where whatever page you are on presently will would display only one UI Comp based on page number. In my scenario one top level Parameter comp would house a page dynamic text/instructions comp, and hold various page specific UI comps; With only the present page’s instructions showing, only the present pages UI Comp would be active, displayed, and cooking.

Picture shows a custom page with a toggle, but if I had it implemented right it would just show the wave tool UI, the page change itself would be the toggle.



Right that makes sense.
Interesting concept.
Sounds like you’re almost asking for a parameter type that displays TOP data.
You could then have one per page.

…I had a look at stdswitcher1, and let me describe the behaviour I want to see more clearly

To observe: Download example or DIY

1.Set up a comp, multiple custom pages, each page at least one par to populate the page.

2.Create a par chop linked to the previous comp, looking only at stdswitcher1 and have a popout floating active viewer

  1. Change pages in the native § parameter window. Notice how the stdwitcher1 value does not change, delete and recreate the par chop, now that it has recooked, notice it’s zero is based on all pages, custom and built it

  2. Open a Parameter Comp, link it to the same comp in step one: Page Names ON, Built in OFF, Custom ON

5.Node select any other operator than comp in step one, (to simulate perform mode, ie dont populate stdswitcher1 with the page selected on the customcomp, but the Parcomp)

  1. Open viewer on Parameter Comp, change pages from there:

Notice how the stdwitcher1 value does not change, delete and recreate the par chop, notice how now it’s zero is based on custom pages only

So if you are using the Par COMP in a Perform UI, and then go into the network your par chops stdswtich will have different value behaviour based on what nodes pars you are looking at. This could lead to confusing or worse situations where things act different in perform vs network.

In conclusion the RFE for two new seperate values stands, something like stdswitch1 and custswitch1. Or they could be new names in an entirely new location; And if you could pimp out the new numbers to selectively cook only when changing pages that would be great too!

Examplestdswitcher.tox (1.29 KB)

…I hadn’t thought about a custom parameter that displays TOP data, I was thinking little interactive widgets and informative text, whom’s containers were toggled on or off based on what page was active… but now that you mention it…Along that train of thought: give all custom parameters a new toggle, similar to the read only. The new toggle would be parviewer, another read-only mode that displays a selected-from-anywhere parameter of matching type (sting or value or RGB),( not OP or Menu or Toggle Or Pulse, those seem unnecessary. )

Finding myself wanting access to a dependable currentPageIndex attribute in reference to ParameterCOMPs. I’d like to create callbacks to control an opviewer when i change pages. Is there anywhere to reference such a thing?

@drmbt is op('base1').currentPage what you’re looking for?
COMP Class | Derivative → currentPage member