Add Forum to header

I think it would be nice if the link to the forum would also appear in the header, instead of beeing a sublink of LEARN.
Also the two categories TOUCHDESIGNER and LEARN are a little bit weird as the word TOUCHDESIGNER is also on the right of the button.

Yes the TouchDesigner beside TouchDesigner was cause for great discussion, but it’s what we landed with. The menus can and will change as content builds and we see site usage evolve. Thanks for the feedback!

Could we get the Wiki as a menu item under the Learn tab?

Learn > User Guide > Wiki is a lot of clicks. :slight_smile:

The User Guide is the wiki in different clothes, it is the same content. But we are still working out some things with the user guide formatting so we put that link there for now.

Should the forum not be under Community? It took me a bit to find it. The forum isn’t only for learning but also reporting bugs, sharing components and work as well as connecting with other people in the Community! :grinning:

Just a simple mockup of maybe how to reorganice the header by adding a Community Categorie and having all the different postings on their own.