Add Gemini 5.2 support ( Ultraleap )

Ultraleap has just released a major update for its Gemini platform. As it has some nice features that we would like to use for an updated version of a previous installation, we would very much welcome an update for this platform.

Updating the SDK also seems to be very straight forward:

Steps for migration from V4, V4.1, V5.0.0 preview, and an application that is using:

The LeapC API

Install the SDK from the Gemini V5.2 Hand Tracking Software installer

Update to use the new LeapC libraries

The LeapC API is backwards-compatible with V4. This means you do not need to make changes to your code if you want to update your application to be compatible with V5.2. Simply integrate the new SDK library (specifically the LeapC.dll file) and re-compile your application. The SDK library is included in the software installer.

For more information here is a link:

Thanks in advance!


+1, happy to help beta test for the stereo devices.