Add Gemini 5.2 support ( Ultraleap )

Ultraleap has just released a major update for its Gemini platform. As it has some nice features that we would like to use for an updated version of a previous installation, we would very much welcome an update for this platform.

Updating the SDK also seems to be very straight forward:

Steps for migration from V4, V4.1, V5.0.0 preview, and an application that is using:

The LeapC API

Install the SDK from the Gemini V5.2 Hand Tracking Software installer

Update to use the new LeapC libraries

The LeapC API is backwards-compatible with V4. This means you do not need to make changes to your code if you want to update your application to be compatible with V5.2. Simply integrate the new SDK library (specifically the LeapC.dll file) and re-compile your application. The SDK library is included in the software installer.

For more information here is a link:

Thanks in advance!


+1, happy to help beta test for the stereo devices.

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+1 . Happy to beta test as well

(As Ultraleap raised some capital, it seems they still want to play a role in the hand recognition scene. It looks like an exciting tech to keep up to date in Touchdesigner. And even if camera computer vision algorithms are fascinating, the ultraleap algorithms seem to be still the most accurate when evaluating the depth.

+1, Bought a leap motion without realizing touchdesigner only supported the v4 api :sweat_smile:

Can confirm that v5 Gemini api tracks much better than v4 in other applications!

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Yes, please! Update it to Gemini!


Ultraleap’s flagship controller (3di) uses Gemini. It looks like it would be extremely useful in a lot of touch apps. Rugged design made for public installations. Would love to help beta test as well.

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Any news about this?

We have made some progress … it’s not settled yet, but we’ve got a few paths forward and I’m optimistic we’ll sort something out relatively soon. We’ll keep you updated when we know something certain - thanks for your patience.


@robmc awesome! Glad it’s being looked in to.

@robmc hey! Any chance there’s some progress on this? I’m looking to use my leapmotion controller for a project and might just grab an older version of the controller in the mean time. Thanks!

We went ahead with a little of the prep work in the new release version we launched this week, so I’m hoping I can move ahead with it relatively soon. However, we’re still trying to sort some things out with Leap, so I can’t say for sure what’s going to happen.

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I too am looking forward to incorporating Gemini V5 Tracking into my workflow. Keep us posted!

Good News! We’ve finally got a build with Gemini support included that you guys can try: Dropbox - TouchDesigner.2022.25950.exe - Simplify your life

Like the previous 2022 official release, this does not include the LeapC.dll file that you’ll need. So when you install the Leap Motion Gemini driver, make sure to check the ‘Install SDK’ box. You can then point the Library Path parameter on the Leap Motion TOP/CHOP to the location of that file (usually C:\Program Files\Ultraleap\LeapSDK\lib\x64 )

This version should still work if you’ve got the Orion driver running, but make sure to point to the Orion DLL. Mixing driver and dll versions will usually result in a crash.

FYI: TouchDesigner does not include a license for using Leap, so make sure to check with the Leap License Agreement when you are downloading the drivers to make sure your project complies with their license.

Let us know if you run into any problems.


Thanks Rob, Gemini works perfect in the latest version!! However what do i need to do to get ‘Tracking 2’ working, would love to get gestures going!!

Glad to hear it about gemini. To get version 2 tracking working, you’ll need library from that version (Leap.dll) which can be downloaded separately from the leap website. I think the best package is 3.2.1 which can be found here: Leap Motion Orion 3.2.1 — Ultraleap for Developers

In that zip file is a LeapSDK folder which has Leap.dll in the lib/x64 folder. When you switch the Leap CHOP to Version 2 tracking you can then point the Library Folder to that location on your drive.

I’m not entirely sure whether it will work while you have the gemini drivers running. So you may also need to uninstall gemini and install the 3.2.1 drivers as well.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for clarifying! Apologies, I misunderstood what Tracking 2 was, my mistake I thought Tracking 2 was related to the new Touchfree Software that comes with Gemini.
Is there a way to get gestures working in Gemini? Thanks again for the update, I love using Leap Motions in my Touch sets!!

No worries. Yeah, tracking 2 is their older driver circa 2015 which had a slightly different feature set for some reason than the later Orion/Gemini versions.

I’m not sure if there’s any way to support gestures in Gemini. I did a search of their website documentation, but I didn’t see any clear answers on that. I’ll dig around a little further, but let me know if you see anything.

Will do. Thanks so much Rob. Appreciate your efforts and the support!