Add option to monitor DAT to show info about task bar

A really useful feature for the monitor DAT would be some extra columns of info like:

  • Taskbar size (height or width depending on which side of the desktop it’s on) This might be 40, the default for windows, or it might be smaller if the user has a different configuration, or it may not be visible at all, and there fore would be 0.

  • Taskbar position something like left, right, top or bottom would be really helpful, so the size above could be used in conjunction to calculate the actual working desktop area.

For me, the purpose of these tools would be to make it easier to programatically do things with the perform window, primarily so Gui tools allow users to configure the front end for different multi resolution monitor setups.

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any news or updates on this?

Hey Lucas

Its a good idea. Ill put it in our RFE database.


swell! thank you :slight_smile:
I think it would be highly beneficial for controlling placement of perform mode window comp in various scenarios like Restore Down, Maximize, etc.

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