Add "Quickmarks" for faster network navigation

Hi, having used touchdesigner for years now, building bigger and deeper network, and also being a daily user of houdini for work, I’m always missing the quickmarks shortcut from Houdini when using Touch and would love to see it in touch even more than Houdini as my network or often deeper.

I guess it’s a simple feature, when you press Ctrl+(‘1,2,3,4,5,6 or else’) it stores the network path of your current panel, the number being your quickmark IDs, then when you type back the number without ‘Ctrl’ you can jump between your presaved path.There’s already the bookmark things, it would just be about filling the path automatically with a matching shortcut to jump in, I know I can set this in python and I’ve already done it but I wonder if people who see this post would be like me intrested in having this as an actual feature.


Hi @huitresix,

thank you for the suggestion and it will be kept in mind.


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