Add Tesselation Shader stage to GLSL MAT

It think it’s about time for TouchDesigner to start supporting the Tesselation shader stage which is part of OpenGL core since 2010 orso.

This would enable TD users to start making full use of photo-realistic Substance materials with height which are available these days such as this one:ostrich-leather.jpgSee online: … ca358a9acd

or this one:
mud.jpg See online: … 91643a26b8

Also this would enable us to do dynamic distance based LOD in scenes to increase detail in essential parts of the image.

At the Berlin Summit during the final question round, in answering my question about tessellation, Malcolm told us it was only a day work orso, so Derivative, how about a slight bump (pun intended) on the priority list :mrgreen:

Also this is not the first time this RFE was asked, see also posts below which were bumped every year orso
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Achim&Vince in 2011 & 2012: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2732&p=37504

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Landon the forum lacks mipmapping support

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