Add the option to join custom parameters horizontally

Hi ! After building thousand of custom parameters in houdini, and a few less in touchdesigner, I’m always in the need of joining my parameters horizontally like in houdini. It’s so much better for readability using lots of co-dependant parameters or dynamic list of parameters.
I know i can always build my own UI for that and open it via the viewer of a component but most of the time I really don’t need that extra interface.

Do you thinks this could happen in the upcomings versions ?

As reference here is what’s possible in houdini :

Instead of having to have them like this :

Also the option in houdini look like this in the equivalent of the customize compent window :

And the cherry on the cake would be to have the option of creating parm block list ^^

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Hi @huitresix,

at least on the topic of “parm block lists” - we do have in the release pipeline something that we call “sequential custom parameters” - parameters that can be grouped and sequenced just like build in sequential parameters for example on the Arrays page of the GLSL MAT.

The rest is well noted.


Awesome ! Thanks :slight_smile: