ADDED: GIF export in MovieOutTOP and 'Export Movie'

Would be amazing to be able to export GIFs right away from Touch

Use cases

  • I very often export videos that I convert afterward. I reckon it would really encourage users to share more of their animated work on the web.
  • For a few projects, we had to render and export to GIF for a web gallery accessible to our experience visitors. It’s pretty heavy to automate the whole export + conversion. (used a BATCH ffmpeg converter triggered from touch, but lead to a lot of issues with file management)

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I second this… only because someone’s just asked me to build something that uses it :slight_smile:


This will be available in the 2018.40000 series of builds

And maybe add an option ‘Render Audio Only’ to export sounds to .wav please)

would be amazing if the GIF Video Codec in the Movie File Out TOP could have an RGBA Pixel Format to enable capturing GIFs with alpha transparency

thank you!

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