ADDED: OpenCV workflow in TD

Hi there,
1.Making OpenCV_contrib as built in TD will save the TD user to replace the folder him self.

2.maybe there are better ways to integrate opencv in the c++ workflow making the work easier for the plugin writer and take advantage of the option to work on gpu\cpu\optimized cpu workflows.

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Can you elaborate on this? Trying to get it to work now…
Where do we have to replace the folder? I’m trying to import aruco

nvm figured it out,
load the library local in project directory first then it will be accessible.

In the next build of the 2020.40000 series we post, a new full featured OpenCV 4.5 will be included. This includes the opencv_contrib, as well as compiled including the CUDA modules as well.
The Samples/CPlusPlus/3rdParty directory will have headers and .lib to use with compiling Custom Operators.


Hi Malcolm,

Good news !
With Cudnn too ?


Yep, it includes cudnn as well.

Cool !
So the full power of opencv… and machine learning !

To update this, I had to remove cuDNN support for now. This will come back when Azure and wrnchAI update their cuDNN dependency to be v8+. Otherwise the installer would have just gotten way too large.