[ADDED!] RFE: Python scroll methods in List COMP & Panel COMP

Hey Derivative team!

RFE: add Python methods to get/set scroll position in fraction & pixels on List COMP & Panel COMP

Why: We’re building UI interfaces for touchscreens. We want to implement drag to scroll (as this has become the default UX on mobile apps these days). For this we would need a Python method to control the scroll uv in fraction and/or pixels, and we need to read the current scroll position.

  • Panel/Container COMPs have no methods to get/set scroll position
  • List COMP has a method to set scroll(row, col) which is too coarse for smooth scrolling, so we would need fraction (uv) and/or pixel units arguments added to this scroll method. ListComp already has scrollu and scrollv as panel values: :+1:

This RFE to control scrolling is a popular request, see these threads below.







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You can now use panel values scrollu, scrollv in builds 2021.38130 and later.

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What is this magical build of 2021 that I can’t find anywhere?

That’s just an older build. The current (ie. 2022) builds should have all the non-depreciated upgrades and features of previous builds.

I don’t have a commerical key of the 2022 version so I’m still on 2021, however the latest experimental for that is 2021.38110

second tab here: Releases | Derivative

EDIT: sorry I see now that the 3xxxx series I guess was an experimental. It’s possible that the stable update that contained the fix is outside of your license date.

EDIT 2: maybe this? https://forum-new.derivative.ca/t/experimental-build-2021-39010-posted/232651 which links to Releases | Derivative

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Yeah, running 2021.38110 experimental is not recommended, it is very high risk (and full of issues we’ve fixed since Dec 17, 2021) as it was one of the first posted experimental builds after our transition to Vulkan. It should not be used for production or any delivering project. I would say access to scrollu/scrollv is not worth the risk of running that build.

2021.10000 series official Releases | Derivative (no scrollu/scrollv)
2022.20000 series official Releases | Derivative (starting May 24, 2022)