ADDED: [RFE] video device out infoDAT

Working with some SDI blackmagic output cards and wanted a solution to discover the cards and their respective device names.

This is accomplished in a videodeviceinTOP with an infoDAT

It would be great to know the available SDI cards on the machine as well in a videodeviceoutTOP

Using a videodevinTOP to find these names blocks that channel.

A workaround for now is to get them via

I’ve done this for the Audio Device Out CHOP and, while it works, doesn’t feel right. I’d expand the RFE to include audio device information too.

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What I really want is a videodeviceDAT

Some way we do not need to enable an output TOP just to see what is available

In the case that a computer does not have an SDI card, we would still need to enable the video device out TOP just to discover an empty par list

Some computers will have 8 SDI outputs, some will have 4 and some will have none.

I am using the monitors class or monitorsDAT as a way to remotely configure outputs and layout. I want to know the system topology, including the available outputs before the system uses them.

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Ok, I’ve logged this as an RFE. videodeviceDAT seems like an even better solution than the Info DAT.

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Can we RFE audiodeviceDAT while we’re at it?, some audio interfaces are finicky and sometimes are not presented in the audio devices list unless restarted, there’s also issues with the number of channels available under some conditions, the extra info on the DAT would allow us to display a warning on the user interface of the system if manual actions should be taken for proper playback.

Yep, I’ll add that to the RFE


These nodes are now available in the 2023.10000 series experimental builds.