ADDED: Switch TOP "blend between inputs" cooking optimization

Hi guys,

I’d like to suggest some optimization for the Switch TOP, when “Blend between Inputs” is enabled.

when index==0:
Currently first and second input are cooking
My suggestion: only first input cooks

when index==1
Currently second and third input are cooking
My suggestion: only second input cooks

etcetera for everytime the index equals an integer and no blending is performed.
example attached.
switchTOPcooking.toe (4.49 KB)

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I don’t know if I totally understand this suggestion…

The only circumstances where this level op optimization could work would be:

index == 0
index == 1


Is that correct?

That might mean something like this in chops:
base_optimizing_the_switch.tox (1.78 KB)

Yes, that is correct, the only benefit would be noticed during the time index parameter is an integer.(0,1,2,3,…)
But as this is quite often the case (when you’re finished doing a crossover between inputs and have chosen the input you want to see), I thought it would be a useful enhancement to stop unnecessary cooking in your network.

Somehow when I open your file in 2017.1900 (or 088) all nodes have all parameter modes set to Constant instead of Export, so it took me a while to see what you meant. But yes, when i enable all exports your chop network simulates the requested behaviour, in turning blend mode off when index==integer.

I saw that too… not sure what happened to my exports.

Seems like you might loose a frame in transition when you started crossing between inputs again - and therefore had to start up cooking on the next input. Does that seem okay to you?

In building out that little tester I also noticed that those index can be very fincky… 0.9999999 is still input 0 when blend between is off. Do you think a part of this would be some indication of a rounding tolerance around those values?

Necroing to +1 this request or at least a version of it since it’s been a while and I’m wondering if it’s being considered.

When the Switch TOP index is an even integer, only that input should be pulled for cooking ideally. At least a toggle would be helpful. My 2c.

Thanks for the bump. In the 2021.30000 series of builds the Switch TOP will only cook 1 input for integer switch values when Blend mode is on


sweet, finally! :wink: thanks @matijaerceg for bumping this, as until today I’m still doing this via expressions