ADDED: WebRTC Input/Output

+1000 for webrtc support, including voice and data channels. These days there are even hw/nvenc accelerated webrtc libs like the one from the 3D streaming toolkit and a few others I cant find right now


+1 for webrtc support…

I think this site gives a good overview of hw accelerated webrtc

Also the repo I previously linked seems to be old and it’s now part of MS MixedReality Toolkit

@Achim ditto.


it was in use also in my work

Just another +1 for WebRTC! :slight_smile:

+1 for webrtc support
I really need it to use Pixel Stream(Unreal Engine).

This might be useful: GitHub - aiortc/aiortc: WebRTC and ORTC implementation for Python using asyncio

+1 from the ones who need “online” during a pandemic.

+1 !

Def a nive feature for building web UIs!

+1 for webrtc support

+1 for webrtc support

+1 for webrtc support ! That would be an awesome feature!

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In the latest experimental 2020.44350, you can use a Web Render TOP to load websites with WebRTC. You need to turn on the parameter Enable Media Stream to allow camera and mic access. I tested with this site:

Hope this is helpful.

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Can we supply a TOP /CHOP as a media source ?

And can we grab data channels, audio,… from the web render top?

Another +1 for the ability to stream webrtc or HLS using the webserver DAT, maybe a webServer TOP style setup.

I tried OBS Ninja and seems to work with a web render TOP

You can now try WebRTC in TouchDesigner by grabbing the latest experimental build 2022.21460.



Great! If there was a tutorial on how to “turn” the RTSP stream from the camera into webRTC, that would be great!

The WebRTC DAT uses TOPs for its video feeds in and out. So any RTSP stream, camera, render or basically anything you have in TOPs, simply feed into the WebRTC as its input. The TouchDesigner procedural approach at its finest. :smiley:
The WebRTC Palette COMPs will get you going quickly, check them out.