ADDED: ZED 2 camera SDK 3.0


I am having issues with the camera ZED 2 from Stereolabs. The device won’t connect with the sdk 2.7
I’m using Build 2019.15840

Is there a possibility to have the ZED sdk 3.0.2 compatibility in the next TD versions?

Looking forward for it!
Thank you :slight_smile:

I second the motion. Although I don’t have a ZED 2 yet, I do have the original and will buy a ZED 2 as soon as it’s supported with the newer SDK.

I just installed the 3.02 sdk and Cuda 10.2 on my new machine, but trying to add the TOP to my project locks up TD.

Is it the SDK version, the Cuda version, or a combination of both causing this? If so, what is the “known good” versions of Zed SDK and Cuda for use with TouchDesigner?


Sent back the Zed2 device and got a Zed1.
Zed2 works only with SDK 3.0

This will be supported in the next 2020.20000 series we post.

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Hello everybody, are there any news regarding TD and the zed v2?
There are no mentions of the ZED in the release notes.

@edapx ZED 2 is supported. See the release notes here:

Hello @nettoyeur , thanks for your reply. The Zed2 works and it is connected, I can retrieve the pointcloud and the textures. I will now have to implement object tracking and skeleton detection. As far as I understand, I will have to write my TOP operator in c++. I have some familiarity with c++, do you have some suggestions regarding were to start?

If you want to write a C++ plugin, start here:

I was wondering if it is possible to get both the depth and the color images from the ZED 2. I’ve seen the top by @nettoyeur where he used a Render select for the ZED 1, but there seems to be no way to do this in the ZED top for the ZED 2. Or am I missing something?