Adding and custom parameter page in custom c++

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is it possible to to create\change UI parameters page in custom c++ ?

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Yes, this article has a little information about how to create custom parameters.

thanks ben but adding custom page option and populate it with custom paramters not seem to exist.

till now i only was able to add custom parameters.
do i miss anything ?

There’s a page member you can set and it will create the page, for example :
// speed
OP_NumericParameter np; = "Speed";
	np.label = "Speed";

   = "Mypage"

	np.defaultValues[0] = 1.0;
	np.minSliders[0] = -10.0;
	np.maxSliders[0] =  10.0;
	OP_ParAppendResult res = manager->appendFloat(np);
	assert(res == OP_ParAppendResult::Success);

Is that what you’re looking for?

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We’ll add this to the help soon as well, thanks!


thanks vinz
will try it tomorrow.
( i think i asked this question 2 or 1 year ago :slight_smile: )