Additional Mousebuttons

It would be so nice If there would be a way to catch the additional mouse-buttons you get on basicly every other mouse this day like the back and forth buttons on a thumb.
I find myself often trying to move up a level by pressing this button, but to no avail. It seems like I also cannot remapt the button in the logitech-utility, otherwise I would just map U/I to it.


By the way, which logitech utility are you using, since there are multiple ones.

I have two of the five side buttons on the g502 mouse remapped to U/I using the ‘G HUB’ Logitech app. And I have my ‘forward’ button mapped to ‘Alt+N’ to create nulls easily. Furthermore, this profile is only active when it detects that TouchDesigner is running:

Works quite well if you’re able to use G HUB with your mouse.

Hmm, seems like gHub is not compatible with non gaming gear as I use run of the mill mxMaster and mxKeys with the logitech options software which is les customisable.