Additional Projected Display Shows Low Resolution

We are projecting three separate videos to three separate projectors and the video that is getting projected is high quality but when you see it on the screens the resolution seems really low.

Is there a setting we are missing to fix this issue? Happy to provide more detail if this is more complex.

hey @luminouscreative, welcome to the forum.
This can have many causes, most probably one of the TOPs , Container COMPS or Window COMP in your render chain has the wrong resolution set - but it would be easier to help if you post your .toe network so we can help you debug it.

Sure thing it just says the file is to big, it is 15MB and max is 4MB, do you have another method to send it?

Could you also ‘lock’ the input TOPs with some image that is the same resolution as you movies? That way we can follow the resolution through your system.
So larger files can you use Gdrive, dropbox, or free wetransfer?

I can look into that and here is a link:

Great, if you could click the ‘lock icon’ on the moviefilein_left/_center/_right that would be perfect. If you want to keep your content private, any image or Noise TOP of the same resolution will work.

Ok thanks so simply press the three locks and it will fix the resolution issue? Sorry new to this and working the computer remotely.

No sorry, the lock icon will “lock” an image in the moviefilein TOPs for us to see how things work in your file. Since we don’t have your assets the file currently has no images in it so we can’t troubleshoot your setup. So please lock it and repost the example file.

Oh ok, here is that:

Didn’t see any locked TOP in that file and the file number was the same, did you forget to save?
If you have having trouble can you just let me know the resolution of each of the movies in those TOPs?

650 wide x 1080 tall - I will send a new file too.

It’s fixed! We forgot to update it to the commercial license but once we did that all set.

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Well that is a relief! Thanks for letting us know.