Address an channel by digits?

I have a chop with some channels I got from a noise-TOP .
r0, r1, r2 etc.
How can I reference these channels inside a select-CHOP by using me.digits or parent.digits?
I don’t know how to append the r with a number generated by the “digits” function.
Can someone please help me.
Markus Knoedel

parent().digits is of the type int
You want to combine this with the string “r” into the string “r0”
So the key is to first convert parent().digits to a string, which is as simple as str(parent().digits)
Then you can just combine strings like this:
"r" + str(parent().digits)

example attached:
combine_strings_and_ints.tox (574 Bytes)

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Thank you.
So much to learn… So complicated, but also so easy…

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