Advanced Slit Scan / displacement techniques?

I rebuilt the Tutorial here in TouchDesigner. Fun for a live input, but I think that I want something more like a linear “scanner head” that keeps moving and give a “normal image” when it moves normal speed, but I can slow it down, pinch, jump, and buckle the image while it keeps moving. The issue is that the demo uses a gradient ramp to determine pre/current/post time.

I think my solution needs to use a pre-animated movie input of my typography or design, and use a video input, shooting a photographic gradient, and bend and buckle the paper to replace the ramp with the live input, giving me the organic randomness and stretches.

Another issue is that I would like to move modify + warp the input rectangle… again, with a different input device. I should look into a Kinect device. It would be great if I could use an iPhone’s accelerometer to map to X/Y/Z parameters, moving the rectangle and the ramp at the same time.

A thing about the iPhone / Kinect input, is that one could push in and pull back in 3 dimensions. A physical rubber band jig, that sort of acts like a stretchy camera gimbal would also be cool to move the head in all dimensions, then bounce back to normal once you move it back to center.