Advice on Hardware

I am working on an installation which has to output a 7680X1080 resolution on 4 tv screens.
The content is some particle and fluid simulation controlled by 2 kinect azure sensors tied in a line across the screens.
The rig that I have for this is an i9 2.8 ghz with 32 GB RAM and a 2080 Super 8GB.
7680X1080 is actually a 4k output but the hardware team connected 4 DP/HDMI cables in the GPU and I am limited to outputting a resolution of 7680x1080 in the final window which I find is really power consuming and pushing the GPU to 98 temp when player in range playing with the fluid simulation.
The fluid simulation is rendering a 7680x1080 content because of the layout of kinect and the body skeleton that I am rendering with an orthographic camera (can I have a different approach on this?).
So my question is if asking for a better distribution of pixels in the final window like a single 4k output would improve a lot my performance and maybe asking for a more powerful GPU like a 3xxx series or a Quadro or Titan? Also do you recommend doubling RAM memory?
Also I need to keep in mind this thread which says that azure sdk have some problems with 3xxx series gpu.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Its very difficult to answer. Depending of number of particles, quality of material, lights etc.
Ram usage is also dependent of chop and sop usage.
Analyse your project with Task Manager and Performance Monitor.
Which Processor? Which motherboard (Pcie 3 or 4)?
In my experience its not very different but some prefer one unique compact 4K output window.