After all these years?

I’ve been using touch again lately and there are some old bugs (meaning that I remember them from 10 years ago) that I wanted to bring up (again?). I should note that I’m using the latest MacOS build.

The first one is with the Ramp TOP. Basically, there are many times when the gradient interface at the top of the properties panel stops working completely. I don’t know what repro steps are necessary but I feel like it happens after laying one or two or more down and trying to move between them. When this happens, all the other properties are editable but the color ramp where you add and move keys is unresponsive. In this state, the only way to modify the ramp values is by editing the drop down table. Yuck!

The second one, which I know for a fact falls in Jarret’s camp because he pointed out this bug to me himself many years ago - is in the animation timeline editor. None of the curves types are implemented! (Also, tab does not let you cycle between different value fields when you have a key selected. That’s more of a UI inconvenience.)

I really want to use the animation timeline editor more because I like having more hand-crafted sequences rather than driving everything as functions of time/frames.

P.S. having a lot of fun getting back into it! I did successfully write my own C++ TOP, 2 of them in fact, and that process was not too painful… thank you for publishing the examples, that really helped.

hey Steve, good to see you again here!
I had so much fun all those years ago making iterations of your evil space flame example you posted on this forum :fire: :grinning:

Anyway for your animation editor needs, also see the new version built by @keithlostracco called the Keyframer Comp(see the video for a tutorial):

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The ramp TOP bugs other than not being able to move the first key should be fixed in 2021.15240. Let us know if you are still encountering this issue.