AI art in general

Hello,I’m sure you noticed the biggest computer recent discovery that is going to reshape our definition of art itself and copyright; The possibility of using Artificial inteligeance to make art basically.

Could somebody fluent in python help us to achieve this by making a tutorial in touch designer? showing us python implementation…

I keep seeing people using dall-e, gan network, midjourney… showing off very cool art in videos on youtube without really giving any means for the common mortals to achieve it in touchdesigner. Quite frustrating!

If somebody could show us just how it’s setup, I’m sure it would benefit the entire community and make things a bit less boring for a lot people. As opposed to tutorials about same things over and over again.

How to let’s say open folder with a selection of images through touchdesigner to teach the computer what we want him to generate. All this seems perfectly suited for touchdesigner.

You would then maybe see an explosion of cool art from everywhere on the planet and the possibilities are endless, a sure way to get the fun back in my opinion. thx for reading

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Ok there is one thing I did not think of at the time of writing this suggestion.
The limit in resolution of the free version of touchdesigner, this is enough to make it pointless.
Could you bump the resolution limit to 2k as a christmass present?
No harm in asking I suppose.
My main regret when it comes to Touchdesigner was to sign up for an overpriced course instead of buying touchdesigner itself, I think the makers deserved it more. But then again I’m a big advocate of being able to buy a software license for a lifetime, even if its double or triple the price. This new trend of having to pay every year or every month for a software I found it really annoying, I do not really understand what we pay for, some updates yes, but nothing major.

TD licenses are lifetime licenses. The license doesn’t expire, it just guarantees updates for a year. But you can keep using it forever after just paying once. It’s not like Adobe where you have to keep paying to just use the software.

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Yes you are right, I may jump in soon
I look like things are getting serious!
Look what I just found on youtube!!! happy times!

I’m not a fan of Elon Musk but;
Do you guys allow paypal paiement? that would allow us to buying TD on credit.
That would help individuals like me that are not really planning on making money with touchdesigner to play with the hi-res.