airtable connection

Hello community!

i’ve been searching for a nice cloud based database solution, and found out Airtable. ( Been using it to organize information, and now i’m trying to connect it with TD to make a data visualization proof of concept.

it seems that the API has a good node.js implementation, any ideas on where to begin on this bridge?


Does it take GET and POST requests? Could use Python Requests library to make calls to the API.

Elburz, it does take GET and POST requests. It seems to me that its under the curl implementation of the API. What library should I use in Python to populate a table DAT with data from the API?

EXAMPLE REQUEST $ curl \ -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY" EXAMPLE RESPONSE { "id": "recMFZpXdrK37JCq1", "fields": { "Name": "a Barraca", "CV": [ "recw2LYClfKf8h0O6" ] }, "createdTime": "2017-04-11T12:08:43.000Z" }

thank you!

Hi Rui,

if you are not running on a mac, you can try to use the Threaded Web COMP which makes Authorization a bit easier and has a callback that aids with the returned information. It also has an input for custom header fields (as a table with header title in first column and header value in second) as well as an input for Post data.