AJA KONA4 Control Phase

When I use VideoDeviceOut (AJA), H PHASE can’t be changed using AJA control panel. Value is changed on control panel, but video signal doesn’t change.
VideoDeviceOut (Blackmagic) works good and can change H PHASE using Balckmagic Desktop Video.
When in use Adobe Premier, video signal can be changed by AJA control panel .
What do I need to check?
Thanks, Kawamura.

Hey, sorry for the delay in answering. AJA works differently than Blackmagic for us in that most of the settings are set by TD itself, so settings set using the AJA control panel are usually overwritten by TDs. I’ll contact AJA to see if they have any guidance on this.

Hello. I asked AJA support in Japan about this.
They said it depends on TD’s settings.
It is not bad for me to be set by TD. But, I sometimes want to change PHASE when AJA phase set by TD doesn’t match our sync signal.
It is no problem if the phase value is fixed by TD and never change. we will use such hardware as frame synchronizer.
Best regards.

The word I got from AJA is that the control panel shouldn’t be used to control an app such as TouchDesigner. Any setting you would need to control needs to be exposed by us via parameters on the node and we’d control the device directly.
We can add features such as the phase controls to the Video Device Out TOP using Pro support hours if you have a Pro license.

I got it.
If necessary, I use my company’s Pro license.
Thank you so much.