AJA U-TAP SDI framerate

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I have a AJA U-TAP SDI capture device, the input signal is 1080p25, which the device supports: U-TAP SDI - Simple USB 3.0 Powered 3G-SDI Capture

However the videodeviceinTOP has only 60fps in the “Signal Format” list and the image stutters (due to the fps conversion I’d guess).
If I set anything else in the “Options” menu, it has no effect.
I tested the same input device with OBS and I can set it to 25fps.

Is there anything I could try to make this work?

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Can you tried using the AJA library option instead of Direct Show/ With an SDI signal you can’t really select the signal format, it’s just whatever is sent over the wire.

Unfortunately, when I select AJA the device list is empty.
The camera is set to 1080p25, but the video device in shows 60fps.
And the manual says:

U-TAP accepts up to 1920x1080 HDMI or SDI inputs
ranging from 23.98 fps up to 60 fps. The input signal is automatically scaled (if
necessary) to the output size determined by the host application.

Since the input in TD is stuttering a bit, my guess would be, that there is a 25 to 60 fps conversion going on. TD is set to 25fps as well, so it should run smooth.

ah interesting, I’ve never actually used one of those. Are you able to try the Media Foundation library instead?

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That was it :person_facepalming:
Thanks Malcom!